For even simpler browsing of notes, Codice provides search facility on every page. Just click on the loupe icon to reveal the form. Same effect can be achieved by using Ctrl + Shift + F shortcut.

Search by phrase

In fact, there is nothing to explain. Just type in the phrase you are looking for and press enter (or click on the button).


Another advanced functionallity built right into Codice and the reason why this documentation page even exists is filtering. It allows to construct the query narrowing the search results using specified criteria.

Currently, it is not possible to combine filters with searched phrase. If correct syntax, from the table below, is used, search will turn into filtering mode.
Keyword Allowed values Description Example(s)
date Date in DD.MM.YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY format Filters notes by their creation dates date:11.01.2017, date:03/11/2017
status done, undone, pending, expired Filters notes by their status status:done, status:pending

All keywords are separated from their values using a colon (:).

Additionally, it is possible to use negation operator, placing ! in front of the value. So for example, to return all notes with status other than done status:!done can be supplied.