In order to install Codice you will need:

This document outlines all possible ways to get working installation of Codice. If you are looking for a regular and recommended way, consult previous chapter.

Getting into details, there is a couple of paths to complete each step. Read all sections below and choose the one making most sense for your use case.

Getting the files

You have few options, depending on your needs and purpose of the installation.

Getting third party dependencies

This section does not apply to prebuilt package. In any other case you need to run Composer and Yarn dependency managers.

Compiling assets

This section does not apply to prebuilt package. Otherwise you need to run gulp assets (or node_modules/.bin/gulp assets if you don't have global installation).

Database setup

For development, you may be also interested in running php artisan ide-helper:generate to make your IDE slightly less confused about all that Laravel magic.